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Grandstands in 1978
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One day Inter-Community Expositions were very popular in Eastern Montana from 1909 until the 1920s. These events were a way for farmers and townsfolk to showcase their crops and produce locally. Many participants of these expositions entered their crops and produce into the Montana State Fair Exhibit Show and Fallon County was known for it's award winning exhibits every year.

In 1920 a few residents of Fallon County began discussing what it would take for Fallon County to have it's own County Fair. In 1921, the Secretary of State approved the establishment of the Fallon County Fairgrounds under the the State of Montana! Efforts to put on Fallon County's first Fair were stalled for a few years due to low crop production, weather and local participation, but in 1924 their dream became a reality!

Baker held it's first County Fair on September 11, 1924 at the former Morrow Lumber Yard. The day consisted of fair exhibits, a baseball game between Baker and Ollie, a horse shoe competition, a regular boxing card, a sham battle put on by Company I at the Rifle Range and ended with a dance at the Wildwood Park. Original plans also included an airplane exhibition in the morning and evening but due to mechanical problems it was canceled.

The following year the Fair was dubbed the "First Annual County Fair of Fallon County" and became a two day event, held on August 28th and 29th. The Fair had the majority of activities as the year before but car races, horse races, bicycle races and best of all, the Siebrand Brothers Carnival Show were added to the event! The Fair Board also surprised the spectators with an airplane exhibition since it had been canceled the year before.

By the late 20s a racetrack and grandstands were built on our current site with an exhibit hall being erected in 1938. Early officers of the Fair Board included Bob Lowery, Albert Frost, Larry Busch, Homer French, George McHoes, L. Price and Larry Burns. Margaret Carrington was the first Fair Secretary and served for over 25 years before retiring in 1957.

Over the years the leadership and landscape of the Fallon County Fairgrounds has changed with old structures coming down, new ones going up and ground improvements. But one thing has remained, the Fallon County Fair has continued to grow and offer family friendly entertainment for all ages every August and will continue to do so in the coming years.

For more information on the history of the Fallon County Fair go to www.mtmemory.org

If you would like to add more historical information please email the Fallon County Fairgrounds Manager, Jennefer Wheeler.
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