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Montana High School Finals Rodeo Pre-Registration

Registration closes May 29th. We can't wait to see you in Baker, Montana!

Contestant Information


Parent/Guardian Name

Emergency Contact


Camp Sites

Campsites will be assigned upon arrival. There will be NO reserving campsites for others. Moving campers and trailers after placement will not be allowed.
Camping without Electricity
You are welcome to start arriving at the host facility Sunday, May 31 between 12pm-7pm. Please arrive between 8am-7pm the rest of the week so you can be checked in successfully.
Any and all over night stays at the Fallon County Fairgrounds will be considered paid camping.
Please respect all camping rules. No horses in camping area. No outdoor fires in camping area. Please leave dogs at home.


IMPORTANT: Only 1 horse allowed per event.

You'll have to call (406-778-2451) to reserve your specific stalls (Indoor, Outdoor Covered, or Outdoor Covered).
You'll get 2 bags of sawdust per stall (Additional saw dust available at $5/bag).
Stalling space is limited therefore additional horses not used in a competition will have to be stalled off-grounds and it is your responsibility to arrange accommodations for them prior to arrival.

Keepsake Programs

Includes Senior Bios with color photos, event schedule, day sheets and rules. Every Contestant will receive a Program at Registration.
Each additional program is $15
Keepsake Program

Shooting Competition

Please ONLY sign up if you plan on participating as we want the head-count for this event to be accurate as possible.

Wednesday, June 3rd @ 5pm - Trap Shoot / .22 Rifle

You can qualify and shoot at NHSRA without being nationally qualified in a rodeo event.

Will you be participating in the Shooting Competition? - $5 Participation Fee

Shooting Competition
If Yes, Will you be bringing your own firearm?

Remember ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Be careful with your submissions because there will be NO REFUNDS now or during the week of the event.

If you have any questions on this please contact Shyla Hadley, Fairgrounds Manager at hadleys@falloncounty.net or (406) 778 - 2451.
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